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Male Rhinoplasty Columbus, Ohio

Rhinoplasty for men

Cosmetic Nose Correction Surgery, Specialized For Men

The nuances of the male facial structure require a unique approach, one that pairs artistic expertise with definite precision. We understand that you want something more than “just a nose job.” Our approach to male rhinoplasty goes beyond mere refinement; it is a handcrafted plan to deliver a harmonious balance with individualized, masculine facial features — a result you can be proud of long into the future.


Male rhinoplasty surgeon

Meet Dr. Michelle Sieffert, Your Rhinoplasty Surgery Expert

Dr. Sieffert stands as a distinguished, board-certified plastic surgeon with an unwavering commitment to excellence. Specializing in facial plastic surgery, she brings an artful touch to every procedure she performs, ensuring that each enhancement aligns seamlessly with the patient’s facial features.

Dr. Sieffert is recognized not only for her surgical prowess but also for her transparent nature, fostering open communication and trust throughout the entire process. Emphasizing safety as a paramount concern, her meticulous approach guarantees both a comfortable experience and incredible results, solidifying her reputation as a trusted and skilled practitioner in the field of aesthetic surgery for men.

FAQs About Male Rhinoplasty

Dr. Sieffert prefers an “open” surgical approach, which is defined by a 3-4 millimeter incision on the under-surface of the nose that is well-hidden when it heals. The remaining incisions are concealed inside the nose. The nasal bones and cartilage are visualized and directly manipulated using meticulous, time-tested techniques.

In some cases, a conservative amount of tissue is removed to reduce the overall size and projection; in other cases, precise sutures are placed to change the shape or slope of the nose.

Patients are able to return home on the same day as surgery, and a protective splint is used to cover the nasal bridge for one week. Antibiotics and pain medication are prescribed, and Dr. Sieffert closely follows the surgical results over time.

In the initial days, some swelling and mild discomfort are common, but these typically subside gradually over the course of 4 – 8 weeks. Patients are advised to follow post-operative care instructions diligently, including any prescribed medications, to ensure a smooth recovery. The results become more apparent as each subsequent week passes, revealing a reshaped nose and an enhanced overall facial structure. In some cases, the full results of a male rhinoplasty may take up to a full year to appear.

Dr. Michelle Sieffert’s expertise in male rhinoplasty not only ensures a tailored and natural outcome but also emphasizes ongoing support and communication, empowering patients to embrace their enhanced features with confidence.

At Donaldson, we perform rhinoplasty surgery as an elective, cosmetic procedure. Because of this, we do not accept insurance. However, we do offer flexible financing through popular programs such as CareCredit and Alphaeon.

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Male rhinoplasty is fundamentally different than female rhinoplasty. The size, shape, angles, proportions and aesthetic ideals are all unique, and Dr. Sieffert has the skills and experience required to appreciate these nuances and to create balanced, attractive refinements for men.


We invite you to schedule your rhinoplasty consultation with us today and continue your journey toward total confidence.

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