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Hand Rejuvenation Columbus, Ohio


Using Gel Filler To Address Symptoms Of Aging Hands

As we age, the skin on our hands can become thin, lose elasticity and develop prominent veins and tendons. Hand rejuvenation treatments target contour depressions, scars, folds and wrinkles as the smoothing Radiesse gel fills out the skin, resulting in younger-looking hands. Our treatments also stimulate collagen production, meaning you’ll enjoy the benefits of your hand rejuvenation much longer than comparable treatments with most patients experiencing up to one year of results!


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A Closer Look At Hand Rejuvenation Treatments & What To Expect

The best method for hand rejuvenation comes down to a quick, five-minute procedure that delivers lasting results — with no surgery required. An experienced provider safely injects Radiesse gel (small calcium hydroxyapatite particles) into the back of the hand using a small needle in several locations.

Followed by a brief hand massage to even out the product, you’ll instantly notice a difference in how your hands feel.

What To Know About Hand Filler

When injected into the skin, Radiesse not only adds volume to the treated area but also stimulates the production of collagen, a key protein responsible for skin elasticity and firmness. This unique mechanism of action allows Radiesse to provide both immediate and long-lasting results.

While this treatment is open to all men and women over the age of 18, we will typically consider you a good candidate if you have age spots, noticeable veins and/or thinning/wrinkled skin on your hands. Hand rejuvenation isn’t usually the first place people look when they look to combat the apparent signs of aging.
This is an ideal treatment for patients who are reminded of their age every time they look down at their hands. If the appearance of your hands feels like it is “giving you away” or feels like it doesn’t match how young you feel, hand rejuvenation would be a great treatment for you.

Because our hand rejuvenation treatment requires no surgery, you’ll enjoy little-to-no recovery time after your appointment. Some side effects may occur, but they typically clear up quickly and you’ll be ready to go within 24 hours.

The most common side effects some patients may experience include redness, swelling and bruising around the injection site(s).

One of the main reasons our hands can age faster than the rest of our bodies is that they’re nearly always exposed. As we age, the muscles in our hands become smaller, fat pads decrease, and the skin thins. In some cases, bone density lessens over time. Combine years of sun exposure with aging skin and you may experience older, almost “skeletal” like hands.

Some patients combine filler injections with Broadband Light (BBL) laser therapy to combat aging and sun spots. Ultherapy, Morpheus8 or Halo can tighten crepey skin, and both procedures are customized to your unique skin concerns. Microneedling treatments can also be employed if requested by a patient.

Professional Injections vs. OTC Creams

Over-the-counter hand rejuvenation creams tend to be substantially less effective when compared to professional treatments. They’re unable to restore the way hands look and feel, specifically when it comes to larger veins and visible tendons. Professional hand rejuvenation injections, like Radiesse, are stronger than OTC creams.
These injections also last much longer (up to one year) and are much more precise in terms of targeting problem areas on the hands.
Massage after hand filler
Hand Filler Patient Photo

Radiesse Hand Fillers: Restoring Volume To Aging Hands

Loving the way you look is within your reach. Radiesse hand rejuvenation treatments are designed to leave patients with amazing results they’re proud to show off. Our team will ensure you get the smooth, youthful skin you deserve with a seamless, five-minute injection.

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Are you ready to speak with a hand rejuvenation specialist to discuss your next steps? Together, we’ll determine if the Radiesse injection is right for you! If you’re tired of spending money on unfulfilling OTC creams and want a longer-term solution, book your hand rejuvenation consultation.

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